Ford Anglia 105E 1959 to 1967

Ford's small-car with a US styling influence, manufactured between 1959 and 1967. Originally fitted with a 520S13 crossply tyre, which is still available. The best radial tyre replacement option is a 145SR13, which was an option on the later cars.

The Ford Anglia 105E ultimately took over from the side-valve 100E, although the two initially sold alongside each other. The Ford Anglia 105E was launched in 1959 in standard and Deluxe forms, both with a 997cc overhead-valve engine. Two years later a van version was introduced, known generically as the 307E and with 5cwt (Anglia) and 7cwt (Thames) versions to choose from. From this point there was an Anglia estate too.

The big news for 1961 was the introduction of the Ford Anglia 1200, designated 123E and fitted with an 1198cc engine; from here on the same powerplant was now offered in the van and estate. The Anglia Super got a 1.2-litre engine as standard, along with bigger brakes and improved interior trim.

In 1967 the Ford Escort Mk1 was introduced to replace the Anglia, although it wouldn't be until 1968 that the final examples of the Anglia van and estate were built.

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