Tyre Size: --- 13 Inch --- | Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975 to 1977

The BDA engined homologation version of the second generation Escort, intended for race and rally tasks . The standard fitment was a radial tyre in 175/70SR13 on a 5.5J or 6J wheel.

Taking over where the Escort Mk1 left off, the Ford Escort Mk2 was launched in 1975 with a choice of 1100, 1300 and 1600 engines. Buyers could choose between two- and four-door saloons, a two-door estate, plus standard, L, GL, Ghia or Sport trims. Later in the year Popular and Popular Plus editions took the Escort downmarket, while at the top of the range there was a two-door Escort RS1800 saloon with a 115bhp 1835cc BDA engine.

Whereas the RS1800 was a very specialist, costly sporting Escort option, the RS Mexico and RS2000 that debuted in 1976 were more attainable. The former featured a 95bhp 1593cc engine whereas the latter had a 110bhp 1993cc powerplant; in 1978 it was developed into the RS Custom with Recaro seats, tinted glass and an interior-adjustable driver’s door mirror.

The Ford Escort Mk2 bowed out in 1980, replaced by the front-wheel drive Escort Mk3 hatchback. But before it disappeared there were three key special editions: the four-door 1300 Linnet and two-door 1600 Harrier of 1979, followed by the Goldcrest of 1980 which came with 1.3 or 1.6-litre engines.

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