Granada MkI 1972 to 1977

Ford Granada MkI 1972 to 1977

Originally named the Consul in the UK, the Granada model brought the Ford UK and Ford Germany ranges into alignment. Both now shared a model range. Replacing the Zephyr in the UK, Ford's large executive car was available as a 2 and 4 door saloon, an estate and an unusually stylish 2 door coupe. Boasting better suspension, but less sophisticated brakes than its predecessor, the Granada was a popular improvement. Made famous by the bronze Consul version used in 'The Sweeney' TV show.

Although the early Consul cars were available with now-obsolete crossply sizes, radials were the most common fitments.

2 Litre and 2.5 Litre cars were fitted with 5.5J or 6J wheels, and came with many optional tyre sizes; 175SR14, 185SR14, 195/70HR14 and 205/70HR14.

3 Litre cars came with the same range of size options, but raised speed ratings (for the manual cars, but usually fitted to autos too); 175HR14, 185HR14, 195/70HR14 and 205/70HR14.

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