Brand: Pirelli | Ford Zephyr & Zodiac Mk4 1966 to 1972

V4 cars had a 640-13 crossply tyre as standard, with optional radial fitments of 175SR13, and even 195/70HR13 on a wider (5.5J) wheel.

V6 cars were fitted with a 670-13 crossply as standard, with the option of a 185SR14 radial on a 14-inch (5J) wheel, and even a 205/70HR14 on a 5.5J wheel.

The final iteration of Ford's big saloon took the previous model and made everything bigger, so much so that even the huge boot looked a bit small compared to the bonnet. Again, there were 4 and 6 cylinder Zephyrs (all Essex V engines), and the range topping Zodiac, with the biggest V6 and all the luxuries you could want. It had lost something of the handy fun the previous versions had, and Ford killed off the name after this model.

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