Tyre Size: 155/80R15 (155R15), Width: 155/80 | Minx 1956 to 1967

Hillman Minx 1956 to 1967

Rootes Group badge engineered Minx models come in a dizzying array of versions. Partly due to the practice of updating it annually and giving it a new series name each time. Although this annual practice slipped a little, and there's no Series 4 model (that became the Super Minx). It was also built in several countries under different brands and names. For the sake of simplicity this guide covers Series I, II, III, IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, and V.

1956 to 1963 - Standard tyre size was a 560-15 crossply. A suitable radial replacement size is 155SR15.

1964 to 1967 - Standard tyre size was a 600-13 crossply, with the later option of 165SR13 radial that can be used for the earlier cars too.

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