Brand: Nankang | Jaguar XK150 1957 to 1961

Much modernised take on the XK120, with more luxury. Produced from 1957 to 1961. Originally fitted with a 600-16 crossply tyre, a suitable radial replacement would be a 185HR16, or a 600R16.

The last of Jaguar's XK line was the XK150 that took over from the XK140 in 1957. The XK150 featured a single-piece windscreen in place of the previously split item while the front and rear wings as well as the doors now featured a completely different swage line that was much less sharp than before.

At first there were Fixed Head Coupé and Drophead Coupé editions, but an Open Two seater arrived in 1958. The XK140's 3442cc six-cylinder engine was now rated at 190bhp, then in 1958 a 250bhp XK150 S was added to the range, with a standard limited-slip differential.

All XK150s were fitted with disc brakes all round which were a welcome addition, especially when a 3.8-litre engine was offered from 1958. By this point, power outputs ranged from 220bhp (twin SUs, 3.4-litre engine) to 265bhp (three SUs, 3.8-litre) with 250bhp also offered (three SUs, 3.4-litre). The final XK150 was built in 1961 when the E-Type took over.

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