Brand: Michelin | Jensen Healey 1972 to 1976

Healey designed, and Jensen built convertible with a Lotus engine. Produced from 1972 to 1976. Originally fitted with an 185/70HR13 radial tyre.

The Jensen Healey hit the road in summer 1972, plagued with problems. By the time the Jensen Healey MkII arrived in September 1973 there was no reason to be afraid, but buyers steered clear. The MkII featured indicator repeaters on the front wing, a wood-grain finish for the dash, better soundproofing plus improved build quality and reliability, but buyers weren't tempted.

A stronger five-speed gearbox replaced the previous four-speed unit in late 1973; at the same time self-adjusting rear brakes were fitted and a hard top became standard instead of merely optional as it had been since late 1973.

A sports estate called the Jensen GT was launched in July 1975; there were no Healey references. By this stage there were so many Roadsters stockpiled that the GT effectively replaced its open-topped sibling on the production lines, if not in the showroom.

By the time production was wound up in April 1976, just 473 GTs had been built, more than half of which were exported to America. Of the 10,453 Roadsters made, 7709 went to the US.

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