Width: 205/70 | Jensen Interceptor Mk3 1971 to 1976

Classic 60s GT with American V8 power and Italian styling. Produced from 1971 to 1976. Originally fitted with an ER70VR15 radial tyre, the equivalent of a 205/70VR15, which became the fitment size in 1974.

The Jensen Interceptor and FF arrived in 1966 with a 6.3-litre Chrysler V8. Whereas the Interceptor featured rear-wheel drive, the FF's power went to all four wheels and its wheelbase was four inches longer to allow for the extra transfer case up front.

Jensen announced a Mk2 Interceptor and FF in 1969, with a reprofiled nose, stronger brakes and standard power steering, then in 1973 the Interceptor Mk3 appeared. At this point Jensen axed the FF and the Interceptor SP (six-pack, for six carburettors) took over as Jensen’s flagship; while the regular Mk3 produced 300bhp, the SP had 385bhp.

In November 1971 for the US market (May 1972 for UK buyers) a 7212cc engine replaced the previous 6276cc unit. The fuel crisis of 1973 led to the demise of the SP; an Interceptor convertible was launched in 1974 but Jensen went bust in 1975 and closed down in 1976. By this point 6408 Interceptors had been built along with 320 FFs. Jensen returned in 1983 to have another go, but just 14 Interceptors were made before the company closed for good.

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