Beta 1972 to 1984

Lancia Beta 1972 to 1984

Lancia's mid-sized Beta range was developed quickly, whilst the future of the company was in flux, following the takeover by Fiat. What emerged was a range of cars taking in two different saloons, a coupe, a convertible, a 'high-power-estate,' and a mid-engined sportscar (see the separate entries for Montecarlo tyres). Intended to replace the Fulvia, the Beta was engineered to be much cheaper to produce and sell than its predecessor, but without losing the quality Lancia was known for. To do this, Lancia developed its own platform, but utilised Fiat's twincam engine, which it improved, before fitting it transversely into the FWD chassis. First released as the Berlina (saloon) in 1972, the shortened coupe followed in 1973, which was the basis for the targa-roofed Spider and HPE estate in 1975. Later on, the Trevi saloon was released.

As you'd expect based on the length of this model's life, there were many specifications, and a major facelift. There were even supercharged versions, the Volumex (or VX). However, the Beta was the model whose premature rust issues in the early versions killed the marques reputation in the UK.

Beta S1 Berlina - 1.4-Litre versions were fitted with 155SR14 tyres; 1.6-Litre and 1.8-Litre versions were fitted with 175/70SR14 tyres.

Beta S2 Berlina - 1.3-Litre versions were fitted with 155SR14 tyres (with the option of 175/70SR14 tyres pn a wider wheel); 1.8-Litre cars were fitted with 175/70SR14 tyres, and 2-Litre cars had a 175/70HR14.

Coupe, Spider & HPE - all models (including Volumex) were fitted with 175/70R14, we would recommend an 'H' speed rating for these models.

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