Tyre Size: 195/70R14 | Lotus Esprit S1 S2 S2.2 & S3 1976 to 1987

The original tyre fitments for each model are listed below. However, lack of availability of some sizes and speed ratings means that some aternatives have had to be fitted in recent years. Please contact us to check if you are seeking specific sizes or alternatives.
S1 (1976-77) - 195/70HR14 front tyre, 205/70HR14 rear. Both these sizes are currently available.
S2 (1977-1980) -195/70HR14 front tyre, 205/70HR14 rear.Both these sizes are currently available.
S2.2 (1980-1981) - 195/60HR14 front tyre, 205/70HR14 rear. Currently we can offer options for the rear tyre, but not the fronts.
S3 (1981-1987) - 195/60VR15 front tyre, 235/60VR15 rear. According to Lotus, 225/60VR15 can be fitted as an alternative rear tyre. There is a set of Vredestein Sportrac 5 tyres in these front and rear sizes - please contact us to check availability.
Lotus hit the big time with the Esprit. As the company moved from a racing and kitcar business, to a producer of quality, world-class supercars, it would change forever. Giugiaro's design exercise 'Silver Car' was adapted for the wedgy styling, and the backbone chassis carried a 2-litre 16V Lotus 4-cylinder. So it was very much a Lotus interpretation of a supercar. Well marketed (especially as a Bond car), the original car was developed rapidly through several versions - each addressing specific shortcomings (torque, cooling, reliability etc). The S3 is a sweet spot, but the S1 is the glamour model!
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