Width: 2, Width: 5 | Lotus Seven S2 1960 to 1968

The original minimalist sportscar for the road. Built from 1960 to 1968. Originally fitted with a 520-13 crossply tyre. A modern radial replacement would be a 145SR13, which became an optional fitment during production (1965).

You would be hard pressed to spot the difference between the Lotus Seven Series 2 of 1960, and its predecessor the Series 1. But the new arrival brought a relocated rear axle (now a Standard unit) for better stability, the rack-and-pinion steering was now from the Triumph Herald, and the wheels now had a diameter of 13 inches in place of the previous 15-inch items. Wire wheels were no longer optional and the aluminium nosecone was swapped for a glassfibre panel.

Meanwhile the costly Coventry-Climax engine was no longer offered. At first the Ford 100E side-valve engine was still standard but in 1961 this was swapped for the 997cc overhead-valve powerplant from the Anglia 105E. At the same time the BMC A-Series 948cc engine became an option while from 1962, those who wanted more power could choose a Ford Cortina 1498cc engine; this edition was sold as the Super 7. In 1967 the Series 2 ½ was launched with a Ford 1600 Crossflow engine. This remained in production until the Series 3 took over in 1968.

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