600 1964 to 1981

Mercedes 600 1964 to 1981

The Grosse Mercedes was designed for the leaders of nations (or at least a major commercial empire), to either drive themselves (SWB), or be chauffered (Pullman LWB). A huge, luxury saloon with every gadget and comfort imaginable (once it had been perfect through over-engineering by dedicated Mercedes engineers). Also available in bullet-proof materials. Built for many years in the same way the Daimler DS420 was, but not generally used by town mayors or much-loved elderly royals in anything like the same way.

The 600 was fitted with a crossply long after its contemporaries had gone over to radials. The SWB had a 6 (or 8) ply 900H15 crossply, and the bigger Pullman had the 8-ply version of the same tyre. Please contact us to source this, or an alternative tyre, such as a radial 235R15.

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