230SL Pagoda

Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

Effortlessly stylish convertible. Produced from 1963 to 1967.

Originally fitted with a 185-14 tyre, the best modern equivalent is a 185HR14.

When the Mercedes SL 'Pagoda' (codenamed the W113 by Mercedes) was launched in 1963 there was nothing else like it. Elegantly styled, beautifully built and glorious to drive, the Mercedes SL was more of a cruiser than a sports car, despite its name being short for Sports Leicht.

Taking over where the 190SL left off, the 230SL was the first of the Pagodas with its 2.3-litre straight-six engine. This was the sole powerplant available and when the 2.5-litre 250SL was launched in 1967 it replaced the 230SL rather than selling alongside it.

However, the 250SL was offered for just one year before the 280SL superseded it at the end of 1967. This is now the most sought after of all the Pagoda SLs, despite also being the most prolific. Whereas 19,831 examples of the 230SL were made, just 5196 copies of the 250SL rolled off the production lines, but there were 23,885 280SLs made.

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