Tyre Size: 640-13 | 'Ponton' (All models including Coupe and Cabriolet) 1953 to 1962

Mercedes 'Ponton' (All models including Coupe and Cabriolet) 1953 to 1962

This range of Mercedes models is all based on the 'Ponton' platform first released in 1953, and encompasses many variants and bodystyles. Mercedes never actually used the name 'Ponton', instead they used the internal codes W120, W121, W105, W180 and W128 to indicate body-type and engine family (4 or 6 cyclinder). The nickname referred to the style of Mercedes first unitary construction body, compared to the sweeping wings of its predecessors. This was also a smaller car than Mercedes had so far made in the 1950s.

The original 1953 W120 was a large-ish 4-cylinder saloon, with a 1.8-Litre petrol or diesel engine. This was joined by a stretched 6-cylinder version, the 220 (later becoming the 220S), the following year. The 180 became the 190, with an enlarged engine, and there was a slightly confusing combination of body and engine types available. Fuel injection was later added to the 220S, to make the 220SE, which was pretty advanced for the time!

Cabriolet versions of the 220S and SE arrived in 1956, followed by a full-size Coupe the next year (with the same engine options). The 'Ponton' was also the basis for the 190SL.

The 180 and 190 models were fitted with a 640-13 crossply as standard. 220 models had a larger 670-13 crossply instead. Vredestein and Michelin do make a radial replacement for the 640-13, but we do not currently stock a 670-13. If this is the size you require, please contact us to discuss.

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