Brand: Vredestein, Width: 185 | S-class (all W116 models) 1972 to 1980

Mercedes S-class (all W116 models) 1972 to 1980

Technically the first of Mercedes' big saloons to be called an 'S' (for 'Special'), but in reality it was the second after the W108. This is the one that set the S-class up as Mercedes' regular engineering masterpiece though. It had been in development for a while, and on release it set the standard for a luxury saloon, and its innovations were gradully rolled out to other Mercedes models. This still happens today. Available in a variety of engine sizes, the V8s being the best appointed. Mercedes also built a halo car for the range, the 450SEL 6.9, much as it had with the earlier 300SEL 6.3. The 6.9-Litre V8 powered car was hugely expensive to buy and own, and thereby very exclusive, yet it still sold well.

280S & 280SE - Standard tyre was a 185HR14, with the option of a 205/70HR14.

350SE - Standard tyre was a 205/70HR14.

450SE & 450SEL - Standard tyre was a 205/70VR14.

The 450SEL 6.9 rocketship was fitted with a 215/70VR14 tyre.

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