W123 models 1975 to 1985

Mercedes W123 models 1975 to 1985

Prior to the 90s rationalisation of Mercedes model names (C, E, S class etc), the company's structuring of what to cal each model was logical, but caused overlap between ranges (ie. engine size: body style: fuel injection or not? = 280TE) if the same engine was in play. So this guide essentially brings all the W123 platform models together. These were Mercedes' large (but not the largest) saloons and estates, and were possibly the best enginnered cars ever made. They certainly made for incredibly long-lived taxis, and trans-African transport that could be relied on, as well as expensive cars for the sort of people that passed them on to their descendants. These are some of the popular tyre fitments for this range.

200, 230, 200D, 240D, 300D - Standard fitment tyre is a 175SR14 or 195/70HR14 on a wider wheel.

250 - Standard fitment tyre is a 175HR14 or 195/70HR14 on a wider wheel.

220D LWB, 230 LWB, 240D LWB, & 250 LWB - 185HR15

280 & 280E - 195/70HR14

230T 230TD 240TD 300TD Estates - 195/70SR14

250T, 230TE & 280TE Estate - 195/70HR14

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