Brand: Vredestein, Width: 5, Width: 9 | B Roadster 1974 to 1980

MG B Roadster 1974 to 1980

The federalised rubber bumper B sportscar. Built from 1974 to 1980.

Originally fitted with a 165SR14 radial. The option of a 185/70HR14 was also offered, fitted to wider 6 inch wheels.

Taking over where the MGA left off, the MGB was the company's best-selling and longest-lived model ever. Making its debut at the 1962 British Motor Show, at first only a Tourer (roadster) was available. Power came from a 1798cc B-series engine initially with just three main bearings, but a five-bearing unit was fitted from 1964.

By 1965 MGB buyers could choose a three-door hatchback called the MGB GT which was mechanically identical to the Tourer. Then, in 1967 the MGB MkII arrived with an all-synchro gearbox, negative earth electrics and an alternator along with an automatic gearbox option.

The MGB GT V8 debuted in 1973, using the classic Buick-derived Rover V8. There would never be a V8 roadster and by August 1976 the MGB GT V8 would be obsolete.

Until 1974 all MGBs featured chrome bumpers but in 1974 rubber bumpers took over and the ride height was raised; both moves were to satisfy American safety regulations. Production continued until 1980 when the last MGB was built; the last 1000 cars were special edition LE models.

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