Price: £600.00 - £699.99 | Cooper S MkI 970 1964 to 1965

Mini Cooper S MkI 970 1964 to 1965

The Downton developed Mini for racing and rallying. Built from 1964 to 1965.

The original standard tyre was a 145R10 radial.

The Mini Cooper arrived in 1961; two years later the 70bhp Mini Cooper S was introduced with a revised Formula Junior cylinder block, bigger brakes than the regular Cooper, and wider (4.5-inch) wheels shod with radial tyres.

From February 1964 the Mini Cooper S was fitted with a 76bhp 1275cc engine and for those into motorsport a 970cc engine was introduced, eligible for races with a 1.0-litre limit. Just 963 of these were built before production ceased in April 1965.

Until October 1964 the Mini Cooper S was fitted with rubber cone suspension, but from this date there was a move to a Hydrolastic system. The cars still looked the same but in September 1967 the Mini MkII arrived with a redesigned grille and surround, bigger rear window and larger tail light clusters. An all-synchro gearbox was fitted from October 1968, then in March 1970 the Cooper S MkIII debuted with concealed door hinges, wind-up windows and monotone exterior colour schemes. The final Mini Cooper S was made in June 1971.

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