Price: £500.00 - £599.99, Width: 145/80 | Moke 1964 to 1968

Mini Moke 1964 to 1968

Outdoor adventure version of the Mini for Patrick McGoohan. Built in the UK from 1964 to 1968.

The original standard tyre was a 520-10 crossply. A suitable radial replacement would be a 145R10.

Conceived as a vehicle for the British military, when they didn't want it the Mini Moke was developed as a civilian vehicle for the care-free days of the swinging sixties. Despite its complete lack of practicality or comfort, incredibly the Mini Moke had a career that lasted almost three decades.

The Mini Moke first went on sale in 1964, built at Longbridge with a 998cc A-Series engine. Buyers could choose between Austin or Morris editions but all Mokes came in Spruce Green. In 1968 production transferred to Australia where the Moke was made for another 14 years. These cars have 12-inch wheels (previously 10-inch) the engine displacement was increased to 1098cc, and the electrics were relocated to make them less vulnerable.

From 1980 the Moke's bodyshell was galvanised and the Moke Californian arrived, with 13-inch wheels and a 1275cc engine to improve usability. Two years later production moved to Portugal, then in 1990 Italian company Cagiva bought the rights to build the Moke. In 1993 production was wound up after around 50,000 Mini Mokes had been built.

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