Tyre Diameter: R10, Width: 215/60 | Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 1984 to 1989

A completely new 911, despite appearances. Built from 1984 to 1989. Originally fitted with a 195/65VR15 radial front tyre and a 215/60VR15 rear. There was the option of 205/55VR16 front and 225/50VR16 rear tyres on 16 inch rims. The wide body cars also had the option of 9 inch wide rear rim, fitting a 245/45ZR16 (from 1986).

Now that Porsche had decided to keep the 911, they went through the whole car, improving and uprating. Offered as a coupe, targa and cabrio as was the previous SC, the 3.2 could also be had with Turbo widebody panels. Eventually, even the characteristic gearbox of the preceding models was replaced! This is the archetypal Guards Red 80s yuppie 911.

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