Profile: 70 | 18 & Fuego 1978 to 1989

Renault 18 & Fuego 1978 to 1989

The 18 was the replacement for the 12, as Renault's medium sized family saloon. It contained much of the same technology, just in 1980s clothes. Built worldwide. The Fuego was a coupe/hatchback derivative of the 18, and far more successful than its 15/17 predecessors. The Turbo models were quite early examples on the European market, the Fuego was the world's fastest production diesel at one point, and it was the first car to have a PLIP remote door 'unlocker'!

All models of the 18 except the Turbo had a 145SR13 tyre (with a 155SR13 option) as standard until 1983, when a 155SR13 became standard (with a 165SR13 option).

The 18 Turbo had a 185/70HR13 standard tyre, with the option of a 14-inch wheel and a 185/65HR14 tyre.

Fuego TL - 155SR13 standard, 175/70SR13 optional extra!

Fuego GTL - 175/70SR13 standard tyre.

Fuego TX - 185/70HR13 standard tyre.

Fuego GTX - 185/65HR14 standard tyre.

Fuego GTS - 175/70SR13 standard tyre, with the option of a metric 210/55SR365 on a special metric wheel.

Fuego Turbo - 185/65HR14 standard tyre.

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