5 Turbo & Turbo 2

Renault 5 Turbo & Turbo 2

There's more difference between the original Turbo and the Turbo 2 than you might think. The small number of the original model homologated the car for Group 4 rallying, and it was blessed with a designer interior (which is absolutely crackers, and brilliant at the same time) and a lot of bespoke parts. The Turbo 2 was a productionised version, intended to recoup the cost and provide a visible halo car to make the most of the huge competition success of the Maxi rally cars. It unfortunately lost the Space1999 interior though.

The recipe - taking an R5, putting the engine in the middle of the car, driving the rear wheels and stretching the body to cover as much tyre as possible was inspired and very popular.

Road cars were fitted with a staggered 190/55VR340 front tyre, and 220/55VR365 rear. Contact us if you'd like to order tarmac rally tyres for Group 4 cars.

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