Price: £110.00 - £119.99 | Clio Williams and V6

Renault Clio Williams and V6

Historically the Williams is the model that led to the later, and highly successful, Renault Sport Clios. This 90s model was actually built by Renault Sport, and named for their F1 partner, based on the 16V car with the dial turned up to 11. It was a surprise hit, as reviewers sang its praises to a market that loved hot-hatches, and its sales showed Renault that future models following the same recipe would do well.

If the Williams was Dr. Jekyl, then the Noughties V6 was more of a Mr. Hyde. The Renault 5 Turbo recipe of a mid-engined pocket-rocket was repeated, with a V6 this time; and the Phase 1 cars gained a reputation for straight-line speed and on-the-limit terror, in direct opposition to the Williams's delicate point-to-point alacrity. Phase 2 cars had their handling under better control. If you like scary fun, chose this one.

The Clio Williams was fitted with a 185/55R15 tyre.

The Clio V6 Phase 1 had a staggered fitment of 205/50R17 front, and 235/45R17 rears. The Phase 2 cars had 205/40R18 front and 245/40R18 rear.

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