4 1966 to 1992

Renault 4 1966 to 1992

Renault's answer to the 2CV, but larger and even more practical. Produced from 1961 to 1992.

Originally fitted with a 135R13 radial tyre, with the option of a 145R13. In 1978 there was a one-off option of a 155/70SR13 tyre on a 4.5 inch wide wheel.

Launched in 1961, the R4 was Renault's first front-wheel drive car. It came with a 747cc four-cylinder engine but in France it was available in 603cc R3 form. Buyers could choose between R4 and R4L models, the latter featuring quarter lights.

In 1962 the R4 Super saloon hit the roads, with a 30bhp 845cc engine and a bootlid instead of a tailgate, then in 1964 a four-wheel drive R4 was launched, along with the upmarket Parisienne with stick-on wicker panels. By 1965 the R4 saloon had been discontinued leaving just the hatch; at the same time the R4 became simply the '4'.

Renault continued to fettle the 4; there was a new dashboard in 1966, a De Luxe model in 1967 (with a four-speed all-synchro gearbox) and from 1970 a 12-volt electrical system. The Renault 4 TL of 1972 had an 845cc engine then in 1978 the 4 GTL came with an 1108cc powerplant. By 1986 the Renault 4 had been killed off in the UK but it soldiered on in France until 1992.

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