Brand: Falken | 4/68 & 4/72 1959 to 1969

Riley 4/68 & 4/72 1959 to 1969

Badge engineered relative to the Farina bodied Austin Cambridge/Morris Oxford/MG Magnette/Wolseley 15/60 family. Got a powerful version of the family engine, milder styling and more features - and the highest price. Started life as the 4/68, and became the 4/71 in 1961 when all the Farina cars had a serious change in wheelbase and front track (plus ARBs) to correct the family's poor handling, and increased engine displacement.

Standard tyre fitment was a 590-14 crossply, which is no longer available. However, a radial 165SR14 option was offered towards the end of manufacture, and this can be used as a replacement.

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