Profile: 80 | Pathfinder & 2.6 1953 to 1958

Riley Pathfinder & 2.6 1953 to 1958

The Pathfinder was the replacement for the RM range; though it kept the (famously good) engines from the older cars, the rest of its engineering and styling was far more modern. It was a most attractive large saloon, and looked sporty (it took a while for the handling issues to be fixed though). It's replacement, the 2.6, was a badge-engineered Wolseley, with a 6-cylinder engine.

Standard tyre for the Pathfinder was initially either a 650-16, or 670-16 crossply. In 1955 this changed to either a 575-16, or 600-16 crossply tyre.

The 2.6 Litre had either a 650-16, or 670-16 crossply tyre.

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