Width: 155/80 | 1.5 1960 to 1965

Riley 1.5 1960 to 1965

Riley's badge engineered small sports saloon.

Originally fitted with a 560-14 crossply tyre. A suitable radial replacement size would be 155R14.

When it was launched in 1957, the Wolseley 1500 offered a touch of luxury at a relatively affordable price. Based on the Morris Minor platform, the Wolseley 1500 featured torsion bar independent front suspension along with rack-and-pinion steering and a 43bhp 1489cc B-Series four-cylinder engine.

A 62bhp option was launched at the end of 1957, in the form of the Riley 1.5. Aside from the nose design there was little to distinguish the Wolseley 1500 and Riley 1.5 from each other although in 1959 the Wolseley 1500 Fleet was introduced, with Vynide upholstery, simpler trim and monotone paintwork. From this point on the standard car became known as the Family model.

A facelift in May 1960 brought the Riley 1.5 MkII and Wolseley 1500 MkII, with hidden boot and bonnet hinges plus a full-width parcel shelf under the dash. Just over a year later the Wolseley 1500 MkIII and Riley 1.5 MkIII arrived with a more prominent grille, lower suspension and fresh tail light clusters, then in 1965 both cars were discontinued.

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