Price: £800.00 - £899.99 | RME

Riley RME

Riley's postwar sports saloon. Produced from 1952 to 1954.

Originally fitted with a 575-16 or 600-16 crossply tyre, a suitable radial replacement would be a 185R16, or a 600R16.

There were six different Riley RMs derivatives, starting with the 1 ½-litre saloon which debuted in August 1945 and is retrospectively known as the RMA. Soon after a 2 ½-litre saloon was launched, known as the RMB.

Things ticked over until spring 1948 when a 2 ½-litre roadster was unveiled; this would become known as the RMC. By the time production of the Roadster started in October 1948, a 2 ½-litre Drophead Coupé had been announced, known as the RMD and available from early 1949.

Production of the two open-topped Rileys continued until January 1951, then in July 1952 the 1 ½-litre saloon was updated with a hypoid rear axle and hydraulic brakes; this was the RME. At the same time the 2 ½-litre saloon got the same mechanical changes to become the RMF; reprofiled front wings and a larger rear window were fitted from October 1952. It would be another year before the RME got the revised bodyshell which also dispensed with the running boards. The final RMs were made in 1955.

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