Price: £200.00 - £299.99, Brand: Avon Tyres, Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, Width: 235 | Rolls Royce Silver Spirit & Silver Spur 1980 to 1993

Like the last of the Silver Shadows, the Spirit and Spur have a 15 inch wheel and a 235/70HR15 tyre. Obviously, the tyres have to be correctly rated for load, as these are not light cars!
When Rolls Royce replaced the Silver Shadow it was a mostly cosmetic change. A whole new body and interior, but the same running gear. The Silver Spirit, and the long-wheelbase Silver Spur, met with success, and the models continued in production for many years, with continuous upgrades (such as fuel-injection and semi-active suspension). This guide covers the MkI and MkII versions.
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