Brand: Vredestein, Width: 185/80 | Rover P6 3500 and 3500S 1968 to 1977

The technically brilliant P6 fitted with Rover's equally brilliant V8, S version from 1971. Produced from 1968 to 1977. Originally fitted with a 185HR14 radial tyre, with the option of a 205/70HR14. From 1974 there was the option of a 195/65HR375 metric tyre on a Denovo run-flat rim, unfortunately this tyre is no longer produced.

The first ever European Car of the Year, the four-cylinder Rover 2000, (otherwise known as the Rover P6) was unveiled at the 1963 Earls Court motor show. By 1966 there was a twin-carb option (the Rover 2000TC) which also brought negative earth electrics and an automatic gearbox option.

In 1968 the Rover 3500 went on sale, with a 3.5-litre V8 engine. At first this was available only with an automatic gearbox, but by 1971 there was the option of a manual transmission with the introduction of the 3500S.

In the meantime, the Rover P6 MkII had been introduced in 1970 (more usually known as the Series II), the changes were largely cosmetic and included a black honeycomb grille, vinyl-covered C-pillars and the introduction of circular instruments. A strip speedo remained on the SC and automatic 4-cylinder cars until the end of production though.

In 1973 the 2000 engine was replaced by a 2200 unit then in 1977 the last P6 was built, with production totalling 322,302.

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