Rapier Series I to Series V 1955 to 1967

Sunbeam Rapier Series I to  Series V 1955 to 1967

In the same family as the badge engineered Hillman Minx and Singer Gazelle, the Rapier was very much the 2-door, sporty version of the Rootes Group's 'Light Car'. The Rapier was developed through I, II, III, IIIA, IV and V versions over its long life. It always had the performance edge on the other members of its family, and its reputation as a small, sporting saloon was confirmed by its early performance in the Monte Carlo rally, and later track appearances.

Series I to III cars on 15-inch wheels had a 560-15 crossply tyre as standard.

Series IV and V cars had a 13-inch wheel, and 600-13 crossply tyres as standard. This is no longer available, but the radial 165R13 can be fitted as an alternative size.

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