Price: £80.00 - £89.99, Tyre Size: 165/80R13 (165R13), Tyre Diameter: R13, Profile: 80 | Sunbeam Alpine MkIV 1964 to 1965

Sunbeam's 60s sportscar. Manufactured between 1964 and 1965. Originally fitted with a 600-13 crossply tyre, which is no longer available. There was an option to fit a 165SR13 radial, which is the best option.

Based on the same floorpan as the Hillman Husky, the Series I Sunbeam Alpine debuted in July 1959 with a 78bhp 1494cc four-cylinder engine. The transmission was shared with the Sunbeam Rapier, but with closer gear ratios and the option of a Laycock overdrive.

In 1960 the Series II Sunbeam Alpine appeared with a larger, 80bhp 1592cc engine and more comfortable seats. The Series III Alpine of 1963 brought a GT option with a hard top instead of a folding hood, wood trim for the dash and a wood-rim steering wheel. The optional detachable hard top on the Series III onwards was steel instead of aluminium and twin fuel tanks replaced the single item of earlier cars.

When the Series IV Alpine arrived in January 1964 it had smaller tailfins and the grille had become a single chrome bar in place of the previous four-bar unit. The Series V Alpine of September 1965 featured a five-bearing engine for the first time, a 1724cc unit with twin Stromberg carbs to give 92bhp. Alpine production ended in January 1968.

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