GT6 1968 to 1973

Triumph GT6 1968 to 1973

Originally intended as a Michelotti designed GT coupe version of the Spitfire sportscar, the design was shelved for being too heavy. However, racing success with the coupe body-style made a road-going copy more desirable for the company. So, the nose was lengthened, and the Vitesse's 6-cyclinder engine was grafted in, at a stroke solving the power to weight problem. This good looking little sports GT was popular, but the MkI suffered from the poor rear suspension design it shared with the Herald/Spitfire and Vitesse. Triumph fixed this with the 1969 MkII, by binning the swing-axle system in favour of wishbones and Rotoflex couplings on the shafts. The 1970 MkIII was a GT6 with all the styling improvements from the Spitfire MkIV/Stag, and a simpler rear suspension (actually a return to an improved swing-axle).

The GT6 was fitted with a 155SR13 radial tyre as standard, with an optional 175/70HR13.

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