Profile: 80, Width: 145 | Triumph Spitfire 4 1962 to 1965

Small sports car. Built from 1962 to 1965. Originally fitted with a 520-13 crossply tyre, a suitable modern radial replacement would be a 145SR13.

The modular nature of the Triumph Herald, with its separate chassis, meant it was easy for Standard-Triumph to create spin-off models – such as a two-seater sports car. Launched three years after the Herald, the Triumph Spitfire appeared in 1962 with an 1147cc engine tuned to give 63bhp. The first cars were known as the Spitfire 4 then in 1965 came a Spitfire 4 Mk2 with 67bhp and a stronger clutch.

The Triumph Spitfire Mk3 of 1967 brought a 1296cc engine (as seen in the Herald 13/60), tuned to produce 75bhp. The styling was revised and there was a folding roof instead of the previous assembly of sticks.

Another facelift in 1970 heralded the arrival of the Spitfire MkIV, still with a 1296cc engine but now with an all-synchromesh gearbox and revised rear suspension. The final iteration went on sale in 1973 – the Spitfire 1500, but only for US buyers. It wouldn't arrive in the UK until 1974, with a 1493cc engine. Production lasted until 1980.

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