Triumph Stag

Effortlessly stylish V8 convertible. Produced from 1970 to 1977.

Originally fitted with a 185HR14 radial tyre, with the option of a 205/70HR14 from 1972 to 1976. In the last year of manufacture the standard tyre became a 175HR14, with the option of a 195/70HR14.

The Triumph Stag had the potential to be a world beater, as the only affordable four-seat V8-powered convertible on the market when it arrived in 1970. Buyers could choose from manual or automatic transmissions and all cars came with a T-bar roof, so occupants were exposed to the elements in safety.

By 1971 US buyers could buy a Stag, but within two years British Leyland would retreat because of build quality problems. Just before this withdrawal though, the Stag MkII was launched with a standard hard top, the rear quarter windows were deleted from the hood and there was an array of cosmetic changes inside and out.

From this point on there were just a few tweaks here and there; wire wheels were replaced by alloys on the options list from spring 1973, air conditioning was removed from the options list in spring 1975 and just a few months later a laminated windscreen, alloy wheels and tinted glass became standard. Then the Stag was killed off in June 1977 after just 25,939 had been built.

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