Price: £100.00 - £199.99, Tyre Size: ER70R15 (205/70R15), Tyre Diameter: R10 | Triumph TR6 1969 to 1976

Traditional British sports car. Built from 1969 to 1976. Originally fitted with a 165HR15 radial tyre, with optional fitments of 185/70VR15, or even 205/70VR15.

Although it was little more than a restyled Triumph TR5, the TR6 was the biggest-selling TR of all, apart from the radically different TR7. Whereas the TR5 had been styled by Italian Michelotti, it was German design house Karmann that came up with the design for the TR6.

The Triumph TR6 arrived early in 1969 with the same running gear as its predecessor the TR5, which meant a 2.5-litre straight-six engine with Lucas mechanical fuel injection on UK cars. These were rated at 150bhp, but American-market cars got carburettors instead, the result being a rather disappointing 104bhp.

A revised Triumph TR6 was launched in 1973 with the injected engine now officially rated at 125bhp, which was closer to the truth for those earlier cars. Federal TR6s were now pegged at 106bhp and from October 1974 these were fitted with over-sized bumpers to comply with US crash safety rules. By summer 1976 the final US-spec TR6 had been built but the last fuel-injected car had been made 18 months earlier, in January 1975.

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