Camper Type 2 Split 1950 to 1956

Volkswagen Camper Type 2 Split 1950 to 1956

The original commercial and camper VW. Built from 1950 to 1956.

Originally fitted with a 550-16 crossply tyre, for which there isn't a commercially rated modern equivalent, please contact us for help. There were optional 15 inch wheels offered, with crossply 600-15 and 640-15 tyres, for which there is a commercial radial alternative, the 185R15C.

When the Volkswagen Camper arrived in 1949, officially known as the Type 2, its air-cooled flat-four engine displaced just 1131cc to give 25bhp. Five years later the engine capacity was increased to 1192bhp and the power rose to 30bhp; it was at this point that right-hand drive Type 2 production started.

In 1959 the engine's power was increased to 34bhp and from this point on an all-synchro gearbox was fitted, but for those who wanted yet more power, an optional 42bhp 1492cc engine was introduced in 1963.

The most radical update yet happened in 1967, when the split-screen bodyshell was swapped for the Bay Window, with a single-piece windscreen. This change coincided with the fitment of a 47bhp 1584cc engine which was upgraded to 50bhp in 1970 with the fitment of dual-port cylinder heads. A twin-carb 1679cc engine boosted power to 66bhp in 1971, an automatic gearbox was offered from 1972, then from 1973 a 68bhp 1795cc engine was fitted; by 1975 this had become a 70bhp 1970cc powerplant. In 1979 the Type 2 was replaced by an all-new Volkswagen Camper.

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