Chris Marchant swaps rear drums for discs on his Anglia.


I’ve owned my Anglia for nearly 30 years now.  It started as a “one owner from new, never been welded” 1200 Super DeLuxe.  I was actually looking for a nice two door Mk2 Cortina, to re-shell an incredibly rotten Cortina Lotus. However,  I found the Anglia in a local paper and at the time it seemed like a good idea to put the Cortina bits into it, after all Cortina Lotus’s were the poor relation and really weren’t worth much were they? (Yeah right, hindsight’s a wonderful thing isn’t it)! The Anglia soon became a bit of an obsession and a firm favourite with the family.

The most recent job on the Anglia was converting the old rear drum brakes to discs.  With the exception of machining the o/d of the half shaft flange so it fits inside a Fiesta disc It’s a pretty simple mod that’s basically a nut and bolt job. Nick from Nickal Engineering did the machining for me and I rebuilt the secondhand Cosworth calipers.

Earlier mods include turreting the rear suspension and fitting an A frame to locate the axle, so it’s quite busy underneath and routing the modified Cosworth hand brake cable required a little care.  I also had to make up new metal brake pipes that enabled the metric calipers to work with the old Imperial Ford connections; with that done it was a simple job to bleed the air out and check for leaks.

Name: Chris Marchant, technical director, Vintage Tyres

Vehicle: 1966 Ford Anglia

Time owned: 30 years

Other classics owned: Porsche 911 SC, Ford Cortina