Avon Speedmaster Ribbed 300-21

Avon Speedmaster Ribbed 300-21

Avon’s Speedmaster is the company’s classic ribbed front crossply tyre. Usually fitted as a pair with the company’s block tread Safety Mileage rear tyres, the Speedmaster is the default choice for post-war British bikes from the classic period. It has been in continuous production from those days to these.

Still manufactured in a large range of sizes, the Speedmaster ensures that there is always an authentic looking front tyre for the vast majority of popular classic bikes. It keeps these looks whilst being manufactured from modern materials, offering improved performance over the originals.

This 300-21 size Avon Speedmaster ribbed front crossply motorcycle tyre is an ideal fitment for: AJS 16MCS; Matchless G3C, G80S; Norton 30M, 40M, Dominator, Nomad.

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Technical Specs

SKU: AV1659401
Tyre Diameter: 21"
Tyre Size: 300-21 (M/C)
Brand: Avon Tyres
Width: 3, 3.0, 3.00, 300
Tyre Diameter: 21