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Avon Super Safety 640H15 83H

Avon’s Super Safety crossply tyre was developed in the post-war period to reflect a popular interest in tyres offering greater safety via their ability to grip in wet conditions. At the time it was a successful, quality tyre for use on a wide range of cars.

Today it has been developed by Avon as a high-performance crossply tyre in a size that was extremely popular for more sporting vehicles on the early 1960s. Offered in an ‘H’ speed rating, it is rated to 130mph (210kmh), and is now the only available such performance tyre in this crossply size. Later in the 1960s the radial size of 185HR15 began to replace this crossply.

This 640H15 Avon Super Safety crossply tyre is ideal for the following: Alvis TD21, TE21, TF21; Daimler 250 V8 Saloon; Jaguar Mk1, Mk2 and early E-Type; AC Ace and Aceca; Jensen 541R and 541S.

This is a tubeless Crossply Tyre

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Technical Specs

SKU: AA15640
Weight (kg): 9.650000
Brand: Avon Tyres
Tyre Size: --- 15 Inch ---, 640-15