Avon Supreme 13/14x45

Avon Supreme 13/14x45

Avon’s Supreme is a 1930s crossply tyre, popular on everyday vehicles in the period, and still being manufactured today in three popular pre-War sizes.

This 13/14x45 size Avon Supreme is an ideal tyre for the: Amilcar N; Bugatti Type 57S; Citroen C4 and C6; Delage D611; Delahaye 107 and 122; Horsch 803; Itala 65 Sports; Lancia Astura and Artena; Peugeot 177 and 183; Renault 14/45, Viva 6, Vivastella, Nervastella and Primastella; Talbot Lago et Baby; .

This is a tube-type metric car tyre, for 45cm rims.

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Technical Specs

SKU: AA10928
Tyre Diameter: 45cm
Tyre Size: 13x45, 13/14x45, 14x45
Brand: Avon Tyres
Width: 13, 13/14, 14
Tyre Diameter: 45