Avon Supreme 525/550-17 84N Classic & Vintage Tyres |

Avon Supreme 525/550-17 84N

Avon’s Supreme is a 1930s crossply tyre, popular on everyday vehicles in the period, and still being manufactured today in three popular pre-War sizes.

This 525/550-17 size Avon Supreme crossply tyre is ideal for: AC 2 Litre Saloon, Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane, Typhoon, Whitley, Lancaster, Delage D1-12 and D6-60, Humber 12, Morris Oxford 6, Rover 10, 12 14 and 16, Standard Flying 16 and 20, Vauxhall Big 6 and Lea Francis.

This is a tube type crossply car tyre

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Technical Specs

SKU: AA14718M
Weight (kg): 9.000000
Brand: Avon Tyres
Tyre Size: 525/550-17, 525-17, 550-17