Avon Tourist 450-17 77L

Avon Tourist 450-17 77L

Avon’s Tourist pattern is an original, period crossply tyre, and remains an ideal choice for many cars from the 1930s through to the post-War period and into the 1950s. It is period correct, both in its tread pattern and general design, and in its sidewall height, effectively filling the wheelarch as the designers of your car originally intended.

The Tourist is available in a range of the most popular sizes for everyday cars from the period, and with speed and load ratings to match. Not a high-performance tyre, but a high-quality one for dependable classics from the Morris Eight to the Triumph Roadster.

This 450-17 size Avon Tourist is an ideal tyre for: Morris 8, Standard 9, Ford Popular 103E, Ford Model Y, Fiat Balilla, and the later models of  Austin 7.

This is a tube type crossply car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: AA1599701
Tyre Diameter: 17"
Tyre Size: 450-17
Brand: Avon Tyres
Width: 4.5, 4.50, 450
Tyre Diameter: 17