Avon tyres - good news!

Avon tyres - good news!

Lots of news, noise and speculation about the future of Avon products out there right now following the closure of Avon’s Melksham factory. As a main dealer of Avon products for decades, Vintage Tyres can finally give you the truth on exactly what’s happening to the classic car, bike and motorsport ranges previously made at Melksham.

The headline news is that it’s business as usual – every Avon product you have bought from Vintage Tyres in the past will still be manufactured and available in future. And the vast majority of the more specialist motorsport products, including the entire fast road/race CR6 ZZ range, will still be available.

We still have good stocks of much of the Melksham-made Avon ranges in car, bike and motorsport. But, and there’s always going to be a ‘but’ when a factory closure is thrown into the mix, fresh production relies on a factory move, and that will mean a few delays in some sizes. So please bear with us.

And where will this fresh production happen?

The classic range of Avon crossplies and radials including Tourist, Turbospeed, Turbosteel and Traction Mileage are all made from moulds owned by Vintage Tyres. These tyres are now being built in an EU factory.

Avon bike tyres are being retained by Goodyear (who bought Cooper-Avon back in 2021) and are already being made in a factory in the EU.

The Avon motorsport range (including the CR6 ZZ) has been bought by Nova Motorsport and will be built in a new production facility. Nova Motorsport is a new company created by one of Europe’s top rubber compounders, SPC Rubber Group. Key ex-Avon figures make up much of the Nova design, engineering and sales team.

If you have questions about the availability of any Avon product just call Vintage Tyres on 01590 612261 or email [email protected]