Get a free tyre safety check at Beaulieu

Get a free tyre safety check at Beaulieu

Vintage Tyres are now offering free tyre safety checks at our Beaulieu branche. We’ll look at tyre depth, condition and age and email you a full report.
If you buy a set of tyres as a result you’ll get a discount and half-price fitting.
To book call: Beaulieu: 01590 612261

Clubs, restorers and dealers — we can come to you if you’ve got ten or more cars and promise to have the kettle on.

If you can’t get to us, take a look at our quick guide below and stay safe in your classic this summer.


How to Check if Your Vintage Tyres Need Replacing

Vintage tyres safety check guide

1. Tyre Pressure

Pressure that's too high or too low will cause uneven wear and dangerous handling. Check pressures from cold once a week with a quality gauge. Correct pressures can be found in your handbook, user manual or by calling our team at Vintage Tyres. 

2. Tread Depth 

The tread must be at least 1.6mm deep across the central 3/4 of the tread width of the full circumference of the tyre to be legal. 

3. General Condition & Sidewalls 

Lifting or delaminating tread blocks, cuts, bulges or cracks in the sidewalls mean the tyre needs to be changed. Sharp objects like screws in the tread can sometimes be repaired if they sit within a defined area. 
Drop into our Beaulieu or Bicester branches for advice.

4. How Old are Your Tyres? 

Since 2000 tyres have a 4 digit date code. This is found on the sidewall. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, the second two are the year. The tyre in the graphic above with the code 1209 was made in week 12 of 2009. 
You should change your tyres after 10 years, regardless of tread depth and appearance. 
If your check reveal any problems or you want some more advice, come to our Beaulieu or Bicester branches. We'll check your tyres for free and send you a report. Get in touch to book an appointment.