Camac 4x4 CG110 700-16 113/112J

Camac 4x4 CG110 700-16 113/112J

Camac has been making tyres in Portugal since 1967 and still produces a range of classic tyre patterns in both crossply and radial construction.

The 4x4 CG110 crossply is a traditional pattern on/off-road tyre for classic 4x4 vehicles. It also has a commercial load rating so it can take the weight of the vehicle and anything you want to throw in the back.

This 700-16C Camac 4x4 CG110 10 ply crossply tyre is suitable for: Land Rover Series 107 and 109.  

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Technical Specs

SKU: CC300531662
Weight (kg): 17.500000
Tyre Diameter: 16"
Tyre Size: --- 16 Inch ---, 700-16
Brand: Camac Tyres
Width: 7.00, 700
Tyre Diameter: 16
Max Speed (mph): 62
Max Load (kg): 1150/1120
Overall Diameter: 775
Section Width: 196