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Camac BN313 145R14 76S

Camac has been making tyres in Portugal since 1967 and still produces a range of classic tyre patterns in both crossply and radial construction.

The BN313 radial tyre is available in three sizes suitable for many popular saloons and small sportscars from the 1960s to the 1980s, either as an original fitment radial or as a replacement for crossply sizes. It has a very distinctive, traditional pattern, and its relatively tall sidewall (80% profile) is period authentic for early radials.

This 145SR14 Camac BN313 radial tyre is an ideal fitment for: Morris 1000 (Minor); DAF 44 and 55; Lancia Fulvia; Peugeot 204, 304 and 305; Renault 16; Riley 1.5. It can also be fitted as a radial replacement for the crossply 500/520-14 size.  

This is a tubeless radial car tyre.

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Technical Specs

SKU: CC300305300
Weight (kg): 6.500000
Brand: Camac Tyres
Tyre Size: --- 14 Inch ---, 145/80R14 (145R14)