Continental KKS Universal 225-19 (23x2.25)

Continental KKS Universal 225-19 (23x2.25)

The KKS10 tyre is a renowned moped and light motorcycle tire with excellent all-round performance. The tread pattern is a classic block, making it ideal for classic scooters, autocycles and light motorcycles. It is a universal pattern, suitable for use as a front or rear tyre.

This 225-19 Continental KKS10 Universal crossply motorcycle tyre is ideal for: Honda PC50 and BSA Beagle.

Also available with white sidewalls.

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Technical Specs

SKU: SC0711
Tyre Diameter: 19"
Tyre Size: 225-19 (M/C)
Brand: Continental
Width: 2.1, 2.1/4, 2.25, 225, 23
Tyre Diameter: 19, 2.1/4, 2.25, 23