Dunlop Race 5-Stud 600-19 77H

Dunlop Race 5-Stud 600-19 77H

Dunlop’s involvement in motor racing goes back to the earliest days of the sport, and the company is still a vital part of the vintage and historic racing world. Its classic racing designs are the MSA-specified tyres at popular events such as the Goodwood Revival, and the full range of tyres covers many eras of the sport.

The 5-stud was introduced by Dunlop in 1934, as a development of the 3-stud racing tyre, offering an improved contact patch for the better-surfaced tracks.

The tyre is intended for pre-War racing cars and is road legal. Like many of Dunlop’s historic range, the 5-Stud uses the ‘204’ compound, which balances grip and longevity.

This 600-19 77H Dunlop Race 5-Stud crossply tyre is road legal, uses a 204 compound, and is a suitable fit for: Invicta 4.5 Litre, Lagonda 3 Litre, 3.5 Litre and 4.5 Litre.

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SKU: UR1494430
Weight (kg): 11.000000
Tyre Diameter: 19"
Tyre Size: 600-19