Dunlop Race CR70 500L10

Dunlop Race CR70 500L10

Dunlop’s involvement in motor racing goes back to the earliest days of the sport, and the company is still a vital part of the vintage and historic racing world. Its classic racing designs are the MSA-specified tyres at popular events such as the Goodwood Revival, and the full range of tyres covers many eras of the sport.

The CR70 Dry is intended for use on Mini (and Mini 7) race cars (the CR65 is usually specified as the ‘wet’ tyre in this context). It has a less aggressive tread pattern, offering more rubber to the road, as it was originally intended as a ‘slick’ tyre when developed in the 1960s. These tyres are not road-legal.

This 500L-10 Dunlop Racing CR70 Dry crossply tyre is suitable for use on wheels with a width of 3.5 to 5.5 inches, has an overall diameter of 498mm, a section width of 165mm and a tread width of 120mm.

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Technical Specs

SKU: UR1493046
Tyre Diameter: 10"
Tyre Size: --- 10 Inch ---, 500L10
Brand: Dunlop
Width: 500L
Tyre Diameter: 10